Writing 2021

Whatever needs to be said has been said already, so why write anything?

What can we bring forward in 2021 that will connect us with others, that will bring something of interest? Can we write a memoir and share our personal histories, make ourselves vulnerable to the opinion of others? Or do we prefer to delve into the mysteries of stories, fabricate individuals who have either boring or interesting lives and the journeys they take on them?

I can’t tell you what to write, or even why you write. You could be exploring your creativity or give in to the compulsion to put words together and share them with the world at large. It’s entirely up to you. For me, it’s a kind of compulsion that sends me to explore words, ideas, what I see in the world, and how I interpret people.

2020 – As we say in my original Yiddish language, ‘OI VEI’ or the closest interpretation I can think of is, ‘YE GODS!’ What a year, we can agree on that, and we don’t want to repeat it.

2021 – We hope will bring us renewed hope, faith, and above all – FREEDOM – From some of the Covid restrictions we have experienced during the time of the virus. There are so many opinions about it and what we are living through, I don’t want to add mine, I am happy to leave all of them to your own experiences. However, for the coming year, I hope we can extend our creativity, find the joy in the things that please us. For me, I found that being in strict isolation, and no, I don’t have the virus, I didn’t give the little beastie the opportunity to have a love affair with my body, such as it is. I have been conducting my forthrightly Writing for Pleasure programs for Randwick Library, and it’s always a joy for me. I’ve completed my thousands of edits of my memoir, “Sometimes the Music” which I had hoped to have a big book launch in February, but, not knowing what the year will bring, may have to go Zoom for that.

In the meantime, I am working on a book on how to “Lighten Up”, with laughter, humour, fun and play and how we can bring all the ideas into our everyday, as a way of coping with what is happening. Hopefully, my ideas will generate some fun action. As they say, ‘you can’t change what happens, but you can change the way you deal with it. Having said and written all that wonderful stuff, and great ideas, I need to take some of my own advice.

I won’t be making any resolutions for the new year, what’s the point? Make em and break em. What I will do, is wish for better days ahead and continuing the Pleasure of Writing.

Happy New Year.

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