I’m still working on the endless edit of my book “IN BED WITH MILLIE” and feel it in my bones that I am reaching an end to it.  I’m not saying its ended because others than myself will have to cast their unbiased and less emotionally connected to it views.  However, it is a journey, one that has driven me for three years already.  My gosh, it was going to be a silly little sexy fun book distraction from my main memoire. Having just finished battling through ’50 Shades of you know what….” I felt that surely I can make a sexy saga more palatable, now, I don’t know.  Its strange that when you begin to write how the story decides to take on a life of its own and go running down the rabbit hole and you have to chase it like crazy banging away on the computer keys or tearing after it with pen and pad.                                               I feel that writing is like cooking, you start with a recipe, get the ingredients, fiddle about with them in the right container, boil it, bake it, roast it, fry it or any other way the recipe tells you and you’ve done it right, it comes out delicious and if not, you have an unpalatable mess.  Others, may love it, hate it or be totally indifferent to it, its all a matter of taste.

A sunny day has finally arrived over my suburb and I can hear my garden guy doing something buzzing out there, I hope the lizards are safe.  I am about to get into slash and create with Millie who is waiting for me on my silver Mac Air laptop.  All the procrastinations are over, breakfast, play with the dog, checkup emails and facebook comments and I know that the minute I open the computer lid and continue with Millie’s journey, the phone will ring and I will probably answer it, my advice would be don’t answer the phone, its India or Phillipines telling you that you have been chosen to change your phone provider to them or it could be a friend with a long list of medical needs.

Millie is about to have a very erotic first time with her long time elusive love and its not on a bed either and I am about to enter the ‘other’ world of my imagination.

What are you writing or planning to?  It would be wonderful if you could share with us your writing, I hope that it is as much a pleasure for you to develop your ideas and creativities as it is for me.

Happy Writings


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