Now its done, the book is finished.  The story is told.  The endless editing as they say ‘until your eyes bleed’ has reached a place of ‘either I spend the rest of my life editing or let it go, get it published’ and move on.

Have you reached that place with your writing yet?  The place where EVERYONE you know, friends, family, people in coffee shops, tradies, medicos and hairdressers all know about the book you have been writing and if they are people who see you on occasion, the usual question is, “how is your book going?”  and your reply is,”I’m nearly finished, doing my last edit.’ and next time, “are you finished yet?” of course the reply is, “almost done with the editing”.

Finally nobody wants to know how you are progressing, they simply want to buy it, get a freebie, download it from Amazon or wherever and worst still, hope you stop talking about it.

Because I have been hooching up people about the content, the setting, the character, that its really funny, very explicit sexy, has travel, quirky characters and a dark element with a satisfactory ending, some people are curious.

I don’t know why I did this, but my pest control guy who comes ones a year to get rid of the travelling rats, asked me the other day “how is your book going?” (see, I told you) and I don’t know why I did this but I asked him if he would like me to read the last page to him.  He sat down at the table whilst I got my laptop, I swear his wiskers were almost twitching thinking he would be privy to the erotic stuff I had been talking about, I read him the last page and a half and when I finished, I looked up and he had a few tears on his face, ‘oh dear, I thought, is it that bad that I made a man cry?’

He smiled and said,”this is wonderful, I now have to go and think about what is going to happen to them, that is so beautiful.” I had to have the last word, “Not all of it is that good, there are some wobbly parts in there.”

Who knows what its like, I’ve lived with this book for a couple of years, ups and downs, dreams, hopes, changes, creative hours of losing myself, and now its over.

If you are a writer you know, that now its far from over, its only the beginning, getting your life blood out to the world.  If publishers don’t take it on, then its another journey of finding ways to self publish, getting book cover designed, layouts, uploading, promotion and the hard work is just beginning.

How about sharing your book’s journey with us.

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