I often hear “I don’t know where to start” or “I’ve got writers block” or some such thing. In reality, there is always something to write about, something to focus on that only you, from your personal perspective can find the words to express, that come from your creative self.

I suggest that you don’t dismiss a moment, fleeting as it may be, to grab and hold, think about, and use as inspiration to move forward and write, something. That moment could be, what you see, perhaps someone bending down to tie their shoelace, licking an ice cream, an interaction with someone in a shop. For instance, I was in a furniture department store a few days ago, I was lucky to have an extremely helpful young man take the effort to help me look for pieces of furniture that I needed. I noticed that he had large tattoos at the lower end of his left arm, and while sitting, testing a lounge chair I ultimatly bought, I asked him “what are your tattoos about?” skull, sword, flower, rose in a vase, and he explained it in great detail, that the sword represented the pains in life, which led to the beauty of the rose.  He also told me that everyone in his family had a tattoo of some kind. There was also a snake in there, and when I asked what that represented, he told me that he had two pet snakes, one, often went went him in his pocket, and the other, larger one, was a rescue one and quite aggressive. All I could think of, was how I could transpose that into a story, and how much more there was to this polite, friendly young man.

Apart from talking with people, I look at objects as if they were new discoveries and think about how they could become a story, or how could a paragraph about something, fit into the novel that I am writing.

Somewhere, within every individual is a creative creature that may need the prompt of bringing it to the surface, to flex its muscles, to stretch and think, and feel, and find the story, to play with words, ideas, use them, delete them, alter them or start again. Writing is a delicious trip that is as satisfying as finding new places and countries.

Just do it.


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