I am currently putting together a book on how to create more fun and laughter during the time of Covis.

It’s been a tough year, we all know that. People have all handled it differently. Some, better than others. And we all had to adapt to restrictions. We can’t hug. I look longingly at visitors like a hungry wolf for a morsel of human contact, yet get a crumb of elbow bumping.

We need to be human. To find a place in ourselves to play, have fun, and laugh. To engage in acts of silliness. You could talk to your furniture or sing to your garbage, and it doesn’t have to mean that you’ve lost your marbles, maybe they rolled under the couch!

As we all know by now, laughter is really good for us, and apart from physical reasons, it takes us out of painful thinking.

Humour and Fun for 2021 is what we need to do right now – on it’s way.

Many hahas to you all.


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