Christmas Time

If you think the year has brought you a string of experiences to write about, just think about the season.  What is now on offer is everything that you are experiencing and sharing with others during this time.  Writing about it will place this time in your living archives.

You may be celebrating the season in similar ways to others, you know, the family and friends thing, the tree, the decorations, turkey, food, drink, presents, the shopping done before.  More television Christmas carols singing and you singing along.  Others, may celebrate the season in other ways or in other beliefs with the accompaniments of food and rituals that go with it.

To me, what give you the fodder for writing, is that no matter how same it may be to what others are doing, experience or how solitary and sad it could be for others, when it comes to writing about it is that its YOUR experience, its unique in the way it is unfolding for you and the way you are seeing it and how you can express it, your way, what are the colors that you are adding to it, the descriptions, feelings, metaphore that you creating.

They could be minute observations about the people around you in this time, how they look, behave, are, how is your relationship or not.  The bright colorful lights that you see on houses as you drive past them, during the Christmas months.  Is there gratitude that you live in a free world where all these things can take place.

Write about it and then some.  During or after the presents have been opened, the food digested, the circle of people hugged and thanked. Next year or the year after or in the decades that follow, you or someone will read your impressions of Christmas 2015 and know what it had been like for you at that time.  It may even be some very rich material for a novel that you will be writing in the close future.






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