Happy New Year, the plan for me is this year to add more blogs to my page and share with you the writing journey.

Writing is in the main quite isolating, fingers to the keyboard or pen to express the fruit of your creativity, ideas and whatever catches your need for expression.  That’s why there are so many writing groups that have emerged and are proliferating around the country, people who want to share, be motivated by others and get feedback for what they write and apart from that, its also a very pleasant social outlet for people of like mind.

My writing groups at the local library will be starting again in February and I am looking forward to that.  For me, it also entails the discipline of preparing activities to motivate and generate ideas for participants to explore their writings.

What I found to be most important is to write, no matter what.  Okay, some days you are too busy with whatever it is and it may not be possible, however, having said that, even if you jot down one line, one sentence, one idea, maybe an outline for something, an observation of life outside your own world, it becomes a habit of writing, focusing on the process.  There are days when I have spent half an hour on my work and that was it for the day, other days I just keep going.  Somehow, its like my decision to get rid of ‘stuff’ in my house, I made a decision that everyday I would get rid of ‘something’ so I hunt through my cupboards, drawers, folders, books, clothes and create a little or a big cluster of chuck out stuff and the decision that I made to do that everyday keeps me doing it.  So its the same with writing, if you make a decision to write something everyday, you will and I am willing to bet that you will discover little gems to write about.

The everyday vagaries of life gives us so much material that we are never out of a subject, that’s what I say to my students and when they say “but someone already did that” or “said that” my response is that they havnt done it YOUR WAY, from your viewpoint and perception nor would they give it your description.  We all see life differently.

Finally, enjoy the words you are writing, the ideas that come into your brain, marvel that you and only you can do it that way, this is part of the juice that keeps you writing.

Sharing gives us another dimension to our writing, so share with us here some of your words.

Happy writings.


Christmas Time

If you think the year has brought you a string of experiences to write about, just think about the season.  What is now on offer is everything that you are experiencing and sharing with others during this time.  Writing about it will place this time in your living archives.

You may be celebrating the season in similar ways to others, you know, the family and friends thing, the tree, the decorations, turkey, food, drink, presents, the shopping done before.  More television Christmas carols singing and you singing along.  Others, may celebrate the season in other ways or in other beliefs with the accompaniments of food and rituals that go with it.

To me, what give you the fodder for writing, is that no matter how same it may be to what others are doing, experience or how solitary and sad it could be for others, when it comes to writing about it is that its YOUR experience, its unique in the way it is unfolding for you and the way you are seeing it and how you can express it, your way, what are the colors that you are adding to it, the descriptions, feelings, metaphore that you creating.

They could be minute observations about the people around you in this time, how they look, behave, are, how is your relationship or not.  The bright colorful lights that you see on houses as you drive past them, during the Christmas months.  Is there gratitude that you live in a free world where all these things can take place.

Write about it and then some.  During or after the presents have been opened, the food digested, the circle of people hugged and thanked. Next year or the year after or in the decades that follow, you or someone will read your impressions of Christmas 2015 and know what it had been like for you at that time.  It may even be some very rich material for a novel that you will be writing in the close future.







Now its done, the book is finished.  The story is told.  The endless editing as they say ‘until your eyes bleed’ has reached a place of ‘either I spend the rest of my life editing or let it go, get it published’ and move on.

Have you reached that place with your writing yet?  The place where EVERYONE you know, friends, family, people in coffee shops, tradies, medicos and hairdressers all know about the book you have been writing and if they are people who see you on occasion, the usual question is, “how is your book going?”  and your reply is,”I’m nearly finished, doing my last edit.’ and next time, “are you finished yet?” of course the reply is, “almost done with the editing”.

Finally nobody wants to know how you are progressing, they simply want to buy it, get a freebie, download it from Amazon or wherever and worst still, hope you stop talking about it.

Because I have been hooching up people about the content, the setting, the character, that its really funny, very explicit sexy, has travel, quirky characters and a dark element with a satisfactory ending, some people are curious.

I don’t know why I did this, but my pest control guy who comes ones a year to get rid of the travelling rats, asked me the other day “how is your book going?” (see, I told you) and I don’t know why I did this but I asked him if he would like me to read the last page to him.  He sat down at the table whilst I got my laptop, I swear his wiskers were almost twitching thinking he would be privy to the erotic stuff I had been talking about, I read him the last page and a half and when I finished, I looked up and he had a few tears on his face, ‘oh dear, I thought, is it that bad that I made a man cry?’

He smiled and said,”this is wonderful, I now have to go and think about what is going to happen to them, that is so beautiful.” I had to have the last word, “Not all of it is that good, there are some wobbly parts in there.”

Who knows what its like, I’ve lived with this book for a couple of years, ups and downs, dreams, hopes, changes, creative hours of losing myself, and now its over.

If you are a writer you know, that now its far from over, its only the beginning, getting your life blood out to the world.  If publishers don’t take it on, then its another journey of finding ways to self publish, getting book cover designed, layouts, uploading, promotion and the hard work is just beginning.

How about sharing your book’s journey with us.

Happy Writings



I’m still working on the endless edit of my book “IN BED WITH MILLIE” and feel it in my bones that I am reaching an end to it.  I’m not saying its ended because others than myself will have to cast their unbiased and less emotionally connected to it views.  However, it is a journey, one that has driven me for three years already.  My gosh, it was going to be a silly little sexy fun book distraction from my main memoire. Having just finished battling through ’50 Shades of you know what….” I felt that surely I can make a sexy saga more palatable, now, I don’t know.  Its strange that when you begin to write how the story decides to take on a life of its own and go running down the rabbit hole and you have to chase it like crazy banging away on the computer keys or tearing after it with pen and pad.                                               I feel that writing is like cooking, you start with a recipe, get the ingredients, fiddle about with them in the right container, boil it, bake it, roast it, fry it or any other way the recipe tells you and you’ve done it right, it comes out delicious and if not, you have an unpalatable mess.  Others, may love it, hate it or be totally indifferent to it, its all a matter of taste.

A sunny day has finally arrived over my suburb and I can hear my garden guy doing something buzzing out there, I hope the lizards are safe.  I am about to get into slash and create with Millie who is waiting for me on my silver Mac Air laptop.  All the procrastinations are over, breakfast, play with the dog, checkup emails and facebook comments and I know that the minute I open the computer lid and continue with Millie’s journey, the phone will ring and I will probably answer it, my advice would be don’t answer the phone, its India or Phillipines telling you that you have been chosen to change your phone provider to them or it could be a friend with a long list of medical needs.

Millie is about to have a very erotic first time with her long time elusive love and its not on a bed either and I am about to enter the ‘other’ world of my imagination.

What are you writing or planning to?  It would be wonderful if you could share with us your writing, I hope that it is as much a pleasure for you to develop your ideas and creativities as it is for me.

Happy Writings


Writing on the River

Hello Haha again,

I am organising for a day of writing sailing on the river.  I feel that we can be greatly inspired by drifting along, looking at water and sky, surrounded by the greenery on the shoreline.  I would love to have your feedback on if you would like to book for the one day river writing cruise.



About my writings


Someone once said to me that when she got pregnant she noticed that there were more pregnant women than ever before and wondered if there was a sudden epidemic of pregnancy.

I have now come across a similar epidemic, that of people writing. They are writing their websites, books, short stories, poems, a novel, memoir and whatever else pours out of their imaginations.  Most share the dream of being published and read by a wider audience.  I count myself amongst them.

I have held a pen, pencil, biro and any other writing implement I can clutch between my fingers to attack virginal pages with outpouring of my perceived inner creative genius that at times is also an ideas pauper.

Way back then, I wrote songs, one miraculously became a huge hit song which has followed my down the years and surprises me that some people still remember and the odd radio jock plays on the airwaves.  For several years thats what I was, a songwriter with several more songs recorded and hit the airwaves.

I always felt compelled to write something, I have folders full of what I call my scribblings, lying asleep in dark corners of my cupboards, forgotten words and ideas that I felt had to be written without thought of their final outcome. It was more a journey than an objective.

Along with all my scribbling came the endless diary heart wrenching outpourings of whatever stood between me and my perfect life. I wrote more lyrics, observations of life, people and whatever my eyes or thoughts rested on in their endless pursuits of my curiosity and musing about what a peculiar planet we inhabit.

I stopped for a while when I got married, husbands can have that effect and then the writing resumed with colorful curses towards my disappointing ex.

Still the pen flowed, the typewriter clacked, some articles got published whilst here are a couple of volumes were waiting to be born.

The practicalities of my varied careers demanded promotion material to be written for myself and people that I nurtured so I composed brochures to entice a buying public. Later came the speeches and more diaries of emotional catharsis the pages of my personal journeys.

Short stories invaded my electric typewriter to find their way into odd publications until one day I began to write a memoir, oh no, not another memoir but it was not so much about me but my incredibly interesting colourful and talented partner and our challenging journey together.

My original little boxy black and white computer grew up to become a sophisticated mac desktop and now lightweight mac Air.

I am returning to the memoir whilst waiting for publishers to respond to what was to be a ‘quickie’ sexy funny novel that was motivated by the badly written, humungously popular “Fifty Shades of you-know-what.” Sitting alongside me either in my little office or my faourite café, has been my little furry friend who has been nosing his way through an anthology of productive doggy tails, I bet he sniffs out a publisher before I do.

That’s my story about writing and I realize that write because I have to. Whats your story?

I would love to have this blog available for you share your writing history.