What did you notice today? Who did you speak to or wanted to speak to?

Everyday is an adventure, one way or another. Even getting out of bed is an adventure. How did you get out of bed? Did you put your legs slowly over the edge, stood up, and left the room? Did you face a good or a bad or a boring day? What did that feel like and what other time did it remind you of.

You now have a choice – Whether you will write about it in a monotone kind of expression, or are you going to add some pepper and salt kind of artistic expression to it? It might remind you of another similar day, which was more interesting than the one you are confronting.

When you write, you can create any narrative you like. You can take flights of fancy and go off into a fantasy or sci-fi world. Anything is possible.

The pleasure of writing, is just that. You don’t need to aim for publishing, unless that is where you want to head. You can write for yourself, create a collection of words you have pulled out of the coffers of your imagination.

Good hey?

A fly on the wall can send you into a new world, a story untold. When we look at some of the great writings, we can see where anything can go. A stormy night with a group of authors, led Mary Shelley to write Frankenstein.

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