Have you ever held a pen in your hand, had words in your head and all you wanted to do was to just write, let the words pour out of you on to the sheet?

I have, ever since I can remember, I wrote and wrote, bits and pieces, some from my imagination, some, from my observation, places where I’ve been and people I met.  I played with ideas stringing them together with the glue of imagination and the writing that magically formed on the pages.

Writing can be seductive, pulling you in to its world and you are the driver of the journey.  Life can never be boring when you write, its a relationship that the more you put in, the more you get back, in love, in satisfaction, in being a creator, in being in charge.

I conduct writing courses and find that the different levels of writing that people bring in are what gets them started and what keeps them going discovering more and more what they can do better and better and if not so, then the pleasure that they gain.

Getting published is another side to it, many of us do all that we can to achieve that whether it is finding a publisher or doing it yourself and now of course, its better than ever with ebooks and self publishing but I will write about that another time.

Feel free to share your writing journey with me.

Happy Writings


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