Happy New Year, the plan for me is this year to add more blogs to my page and share with you the writing journey.

Writing is in the main quite isolating, fingers to the keyboard or pen to express the fruit of your creativity, ideas and whatever catches your need for expression.  That’s why there are so many writing groups that have emerged and are proliferating around the country, people who want to share, be motivated by others and get feedback for what they write and apart from that, its also a very pleasant social outlet for people of like mind.

My writing groups at the local library will be starting again in February and I am looking forward to that.  For me, it also entails the discipline of preparing activities to motivate and generate ideas for participants to explore their writings.

What I found to be most important is to write, no matter what.  Okay, some days you are too busy with whatever it is and it may not be possible, however, having said that, even if you jot down one line, one sentence, one idea, maybe an outline for something, an observation of life outside your own world, it becomes a habit of writing, focusing on the process.  There are days when I have spent half an hour on my work and that was it for the day, other days I just keep going.  Somehow, its like my decision to get rid of ‘stuff’ in my house, I made a decision that everyday I would get rid of ‘something’ so I hunt through my cupboards, drawers, folders, books, clothes and create a little or a big cluster of chuck out stuff and the decision that I made to do that everyday keeps me doing it.  So its the same with writing, if you make a decision to write something everyday, you will and I am willing to bet that you will discover little gems to write about.

The everyday vagaries of life gives us so much material that we are never out of a subject, that’s what I say to my students and when they say “but someone already did that” or “said that” my response is that they havnt done it YOUR WAY, from your viewpoint and perception nor would they give it your description.  We all see life differently.

Finally, enjoy the words you are writing, the ideas that come into your brain, marvel that you and only you can do it that way, this is part of the juice that keeps you writing.

Sharing gives us another dimension to our writing, so share with us here some of your words.

Happy writings.



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